Meishan City Market Supervision Bureau started the food and drug security war during the Spring Festival

2019-06-20 15:18:52

Sichuan News Network Meishan January 28 (Huang Yiqi) Spring Festival is approaching, in order to effectively protect the safety of food and beverage during the people's holiday season, Meishan City Market Supervision Bureau deployed in advance, carefully organized, concentrated efforts to carry out food and drug safety inspections during the Spring Festival in the city .

First, careful deployment and intensive rectification. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau timely researched and formulated a work plan to ensure the safety of food and medicine during the Spring Festival, and carried out special rectification actions such as rural food safety, “health” market chaos, “sweeping and eliminating inferiority”, and drug reassurance law enforcement, and Key activities such as rural banquets, dairy products, meat and meat products, egg products, rice noodles and their products, sweets, alcohol, edible vegetable oil, seasonings, Yuanxiao (tangyuan) and other key varieties, food production gathering areas, food exhibitions In key areas such as promotion, bazaars, shopping malls, supermarkets, urban and rural areas, and rural areas, the leaders of the municipal bureaus will personally lead teams, counties, and key enterprises to conduct food and drug safety inspections and inspections, crack down on various illegal and illegal activities, and clean up festivals. The order of the food and drug market during the period. Up to now, the city has dispatched 1,200 law enforcement personnel, conducted joint enforcement with the Municipal Agriculture Bureau for 4 times, inspected 1080 households of production and management, supervised and inspected 40 batches of food and medicine, ordered 18 rectifications, and investigated 36 cases and transferred them to the public security organs. 1 item.

The second is propaganda and guidance, and social governance. In view of the favorable opportunity for the relative concentration of festivals, we should make full use of news media such as TV, newspapers and periodicals, and the Internet to deepen the community, rural areas, tourist attractions, etc., and organize food and drug safety publicity and education activities, publicize food and drug laws and regulations and safety knowledge, and guide Reasonable consumption enhances the sense of responsibility of food and drug producers and operators. Widely publicize the "12331" complaint report phone, encourage consumers to actively report problems foods, drugs and clues. Issue 1 warning of food safety consumption during the Spring Festival to the public.

The third is serious discipline and strengthening the duty. The district and county bureaus are required to conscientiously implement the 24-hour duty system and the leadership duty system during the Spring Festival, strictly implement the out-of-office reporting system, and implement the food and drug safety incident reporting system. In the event of a food and drug safety emergency, respond promptly and carry out emergency response work in a scientific and orderly manner. Strict work discipline, strengthen work style, ensure that during the reform of the organization, the mind is not chaotic, the work is continuous, the team is not scattered, and the enthusiasm is not reduced.

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